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Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan Third Edition By Hamid Khan


  • Book Name: Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan
  • Book Author: Hamid Khan
  • Book Publishers: Oxford University Press
  • Language: English
  • Category: History and Politics
  • Edition: Third Edition
  • Book Code: 899
  • Book Quality: Paperback

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It has been seven decades since the independent state of Pakistan was carved out of British India, yet the country is still in pursuit of a suitable constitutional framework. Over this period of time, no other country has experimented with so many different constitutional forms, from parliamentary democracy to presidential form of government, to outright military regimes.

This book analyses constitutional development in Pakistan from its inception to present times. It provides a case-by-case account of constitution-making in Pakistan, with the inclusion of all pertinent documentation. Constitutional developments have been explained in the context of social and political events that shaped them. The book focuses on constitutional and political history, and constitutional development concurrently. It includes a liberal humanitarian reading of the travails of lawmakers and the role of generals, judges, politicians, and bureaucrats in the implementation of law.

Students of law, political science, and history, as well as lawyers, judges, and professors will find this book of particular value. Being grounded in a socio-political context, this book is also of interest to the general reader.

The third edition is updated to cover the constitutional and political developments uptil 2013.